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Bootstrap Plugins & Addons

Developing websites and web apps that really stand out in terms of both usability, attractiveness, and intuitiveness is the call of the day, and there’s like using Material Design to deliver just that. But crafting web components in this unique and exciting design concept isn’t something to be taken lightly. Most often than not, you will just end up spending more time than what’s feasible attempting to strike that fine balance that’s so critical for a successful Material Design implementation. Thankfully, that’s where MDB Pro comes in to fill the void.

The Filter plugins lets users conveniently filter out items by category.

A Material Design UI kit that’s unparalleled in terms of convenience, ease-of-use, and customer support, MDB Pro comes in four flavors (jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue). With a massive library consisting of thousands of material UI components, complete with a dizzying array of CSS animations, scalable icons, pro sections, and templates, developing sites become all too easy. The UI kit also comes with a number of plugins to bolster functionality — some of them are free, but the most useful ones require a payment.

So let’s check out what plugins are available for each version, and how you can get them for far less than what they would cost if purchased separately.

jQuery Plugins and Add-ons

Building beautiful websites in Material Design is made easy when you opt for MDB Pro jQuery. Based on the popular jQuery library, this phenomenal UI kit lets you get started in seconds, and only requires a rudimentary knowledge of Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML. In addition to the range of free plugins available at your disposal, MDB Pro jQuery also has a handful of paid plugins (11 to be exact at the time of writing) that can really expand the range of the UI kit.

From among the plugins that require a fee, let’s take a look at a couple in more detail. With the Full Screen Scroller, for example, you can really expand the interactiveness of your site by adding both horizontal and vertical scrolling functionality to web pages — really works well whenever you need to showcase full-screen image galleries in all their glory. And for those instances where you plan to build a shopping site (or a site with lists of items), this fantastic add-on lets viewers change color with a single click — yes, it’s that simple.

Angular Plugins and Add-ons

Building complex single page applications isn’t easy, but MDB Pro Angular makes that trivial with its plethora of ready-to-deploy UI components and Typescript-based nature. While it supports close to two dozen plugins, over half of them require a fee, but they are well worth the money spent. At the time of writing, there are 8+ plugins available for purchase. Why don’t we check out a couple of the goodies in more detail?

The Draggable plugin, for example, is a terrific pick for any developer looking to implement drag and drop support for elements within apps — whether it’s for educational purposes or for something else, there are multiple use-cases for such functionality. And another exciting plugin is File Upload, which lets you implement file upload support in your apps in just a matter of seconds — just how long do you think it would otherwise take to implement such a feature?

Add events and manage projects efficiently with the Full Page Calendar plugin.

React Plugins and Add-ons

Coding apps that can update user elements in real time requires a substantial amount of experience in React.js, but MDB Pro React reduces the learning curve rather drastically. With in-depth tutorials that basically walk you through the essentials of coding to premium customer support and user forums, you won’t be left in the dark at any step of the way. And with plugins, things get even easier. The UI kit, at the time of writing, supports 7+ plugins, some of which are quite unprecedented.

Pick the paid plugins apart, and you will find a real gem in Sortable, an add-on that you can use in the backend to easily sort elements with drag and drop support — makes the development process a whole lot easier, right? And then there’s Filter, an unprecedented plugin that lets end users conveniently filter items based on preset categories — now that goes perfectly with the live nature of React.js apps.

Vue Plugins and Add-ons

Having an immense amount of flexibility is crucial when it comes to crafting user interfaces and single page applications. And that’s exactly what you get with MDB Pro Vue, which is based on the widely compatible Vue.js open-source library. But what really amps things are the paid plugins that are available for MDB Pro Vue, some of which are really phenomenal. At the time of writing, there are 7+ compatible plugins, with multiple other add-ons in development.

Take a look at the list of plugins, and you will find phenomenally useful add-ons such as WYSIWYG, which lets you perform live edits on rich text, with an array of formatting options such as color manipulation and text alignment to boot. Also of note is the Table Editor, a fantastic plugin that lets end users create and edit tables easily in real time.

What Bundle Should You Choose?

As you saw, paid plugins can really amp up the core user experience that MDB Pro brings to the table. But as always, there’s a catch. Purchasing them in standalone form can cost quite a bit, although our discount here at MDBootstrapDiscount should make your purchases cost a lot less! However, there are even better deals. If you haven’t already bought the base UI kit, then you definitely need to look at getting either a Super Bundle or an Extended Kit.

The Super Bundles contain everything from the UI kit, all paid plugins, to an array of pro templates at a super-low price, made even lower with our discounts. In other words, that’s incredible value for money. And then there are the Extended Kits, which is basically a Super Bundle minus the pro templates. So, are you ready to make you life easier by opting for a Super Bundle or an Extended Kit? We recommend the Super Bundle, but it’s up to you to decide.