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Extended Kits: MDB Pro + Plugins

The era of shoddy-looking sites and apps are over. No longer can you cook up something subpar and expect your audience to stick around. And there’s a prime reason as to why — Material Design. Initially championed by Google in its web apps, and then in its flagship browser Chrome, the concept of Material Design has taken the world by storm. With crisp user elements that are just a joy to look at, combined with an uncluttered nature, make Material Design inarguably the best concept to build a site, web app, or dedicated mobile app. However, it’s easier said than done.

Create incredible-looking web pages and app with MDB Pro.

Using Bootstrap as the front-end for your site development sounds convenient in theory, but the actual process of writing code for the plethora of potential elements that often go into a site is just arduous. This is further complicated by the fact that you often have to pick a specific JavaScript library or subset to work with. But rather than spending absurd amounts of time (mostly in trial and error), it’s best to use a dedicated material design UI kit right from the outset. And what better choice is out there than MDB Pro? This phenomenal UI kit by MDBootstrap is among the best of its class, and there are solid reasons as to why.

To start off with, MDB Pro is just filled to the brim with every material UI component that you can dream of — checkboxes, text fields, buttons, carousels, accordions, etc. In fact, there are over 5,000+ components, all of which combined gives you massive flexibility when it comes to web development in general. This is further aided by dozens of stunning pre-build material design-inspired CSS animations, sections, and reusable code snippets. All of this makes whatever project it is that you are planning to build a breeze. But there’s also an opportunity to make things even better — Extended Kits. But what are they?

Extended Kit - MDB Pro jQuery

The MDB Pro jQuery Extended Kit is perfect for anyone looking to craft top-notch Material Design sites in Bootstrap. Based on the widely-used jQuery JavaScript library, it’s super-easy to work with and you can get started in just minutes. And in addition to MDB Pro jQuery, the Extended Kit also provides you with access to over a dozen phenomenal plugins that can seriously enhance the functionality of the UI kit — now you know why it’s called ‘Extended.’ Plugins such as WYSIWYG, Scroller, and Carousel 3D not only make things easier in the development process, but they also bolsters the efficacy of the end-products tremendously.

Extended Kit - MDB Pro Angular

When it comes to developing single page applications, then nothing should stay in the way of MDB Pro Angular Extended Kit. The plethora of material UI components, combined with the seamless compatibility and responsiveness with all sorts of browsers and devices, make MDB Pro Angular a phenomenal UI package to deal with. And with the Extended Kit, you also receive all plugins for the Angular version of MDB Pro, ranging from the versatile Draggable add-on to the exciting Filter plugin.

Get access to the 3D Carousel and every other premium plugin.

Extended Kit - MDB Pro React

React.js is an exciting JavaScript library that facilitates PWAs and mobile apps with live updating user elements. And the MDB Pro React Extended Kit facilitates this even further with readily deployable material UI elements, CSS animations, and pro sections. To bolster the functionality of the UI kit even further, you receive a comprehensive library of plugins such as the Table Editor, Color Picker, and Full Page Calendar, all of which should be of massive use during the development process.

Extended Kit - MDB Pro Vue

If you want an increasing amount of flexibility in your projects (such as to integrate with different web frameworks or to reuse code), then MDB Pro Vue Extended Kit should fit you perfectly. With its super-easy setup and installation process, combined with in-depth tutorials that walk you through every aspect of the package, developing beautiful Material Design-inspired user interfaces become almost too easy. And thanks to the extended kit, you also receive all the Vue-based plugins released by MDBootstrap. Sortable, Filter, Color Picker, Table Editor, etc., will really help boost functionality.

Extend Your Prowess

By opting for any one of the MDB Pro Extended Kits, not only do you enhance the functionality of your favorite UI kit rather exponentially, but you also receive everything at a super-low price to start off with. Anyone looking to create Material Design-inspired web apps, mobile apps, and websites, must really go this extra distance and grab the Extended Kit, which at the end of the day, can be the difference between meeting or missing a tight schedule. All Extended Kits are subject to 12 months of premium customer support, which makes dealing with any issues a breeze. And considering that your purchase is subject for an unlimited number of updates mean that you have absolutely no reason to hold back.