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MDB Pro Angular

Building sites using Bootstrap is supposed to be easy. But that’s without taking the Material Design concept into consideration. While it’s more than possible to create a dose of material UI elements all by yourself, you often need substantial amounts of time to do that. Furthermore, Material Design requires an inner knack that’s often hard to master — using the proper height, width, and depth for a plethora of elements can be overwhelming. But that’s when MDB Pro Angular comes into the picture. If you are planning to go ahead with a project using the Angular flavor of JavaScript, then this amazing package by MDB Pro Angular has all the material UI elements that you’d ever need. This definitely needs a further look at, so let’s check things out in more detail.

Testing a single page application built using MDB Pro Angular in Chrome.

Material UI Elements

MDB Pro Angular comes with literally thousands of material UI elements which is just mind-blowing. To start off with, this exciting package by MDBootstrap (the development team behind MDB Pro Angular) gives you access to over 5,000 components ranging everything from stunning buttons and check boxes to accordions and carousels. You also have around 600 icons that you can scale to any size, perfect for a multitude of situations. And to boost the interactiveness of your site, MDB Pro Angular has dozens of stunning CSS animations that are simply a treat to implement.

Other inclusions available for use are Pro sections, themes, and snippets, all of which combined can really help you complete large swathes of pages in record time. With MDB Pro Angular, terrific-looking sites and efficiency is the call of the day.

Easy to Set Up

MDB Pro Angular features a seamless setup procedure where you can literally get started in a few minutes. All available UI elements are fully linked to their proper files — you just have to extract them, open the main index file using your favorite code editor, and then copy the desired elements between the relevant tags of your project’s HTML files. Easy-peasy stuff.

Of course, all available code is fully compatible with every major browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.), so you should have practically no issues in that regards. And in the event that a certain item does look a tad wonky, you can easily have that ironed out since all code is fully customizable. If you prefer a Material Design UI framework that you can just get to work right out of the box, then MDB Pro Angular is the perfect deal.

MDB Pro Tutorials

When it comes to working on your projects using MDB Pro Angular, everything is super-easy. As mentioned above, everything is fully linked and ready to be deployed. But obviously, you are going to run into a few hitches along the way if you aren’t well-versed in Bootstrap and Angular. But don’t worry — the developers have figured that out.

Enhanced versatility — MDB Pro Angular alongside Firebase

When you purchase MDB Pro Angular, you also receive in-depth tutorials and documentations that cover everything that you want to know. From getting started with MDB Pro Angular to implementing the various material UI elements throughout your projects, these documentations are a must-read. Even if you know your way around Bootstrap and Angular, you are sure to find a few hidden tips and tricks that can help you function more efficiently.

Active Community

MDB Pro Angular is a phenomenal Material Design UI framework all around. But even the best products have their failings. Thus, they need to be complemented by an equally terrific customer service, and that’s exactly what MDB Pro Angular brings to the table. Whenever you make a purchase, you are automatically entitled to one year’s worth of ‘premium’ customer service, which in other words mean that you can effectively jump the queue.

Hence, expect your queries to be resolved in literally minutes, or within a few hours at the most. And even better, you also gain access to the MDBootstrap forums, which is a thriving ecosystem with thousands of like-minded web developers who would be more than happy to pitch in with some advice when you need it the most.

Best of the Lot

When it comes to building stunning Material Design sites, there’s nothing that does the job better than MDB Pro Angular. With thousands of ready-to-use material UI components, icons, CSS animations, sections, and themes, combined with seamless compatibility in-between web browsers, you would be hard-pressed to find a better UI framework with this level of sophistication.

All material UI code is fully responsive among mobile and desktop-based devices, so that’s another headache that you can effectively stop worrying about. And with constant updates and seamless integration with both Bootstrap and Angular, you will only ever need MDB Pro Angular for all your projects. If you were on the fence all along, it’s time to take the plunge and start gaining the headstart on the competition.