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MDB Pro jQuery

With material UI elements in vogue everywhere from websites to progressive web apps, it’s imperative that you make use of the Material Design concept in your projects to stand out from the competition. But if you are crunched for time, then writing all of that HTML and CSS code in Bootstrap can be a deal breaker. That’s where MDB Pro jQuery comes to the table. With dozens of premium material design components already written and ready to be implemented on web pages, this phenomenal Material Design package — based on jQuery — is all that you need to create stunning websites and PWAs. Below, you can find exactly what MDB Pro jQuery brings to the table.

Easy Installation

Material Design cards — thousands of components just like these.

MDB Pro jQuery brings to the table an exciting package of material UI elements, icons, CSS animations, templates, and SASS files that are super-easy to work with. After purchasing, all you have to do is download the package, extract the core Bootstrap and MDB Pro jQuery files to either local storage or to a web server, and then use your favorite code editor to copy and paste the components where you want them to appear in between the relevant tags of any HTML file. Save your work afterwards, and you should be able to preview your work easily. If required, you can also modify the UI components provided to add your own twist to your work.

Tons of Components

MDB Pro jQuery comes built-in with tons of material UI elements that would make anyone skip with joy. Straight off the bat, you receive over 5,000+ premium components ranging everywhere from navigation bars, buttons, charts, accordions, etc., all built in stunning Material Design. But the show doesn’t stop there — you also receive 50+ Pro sections (blog listings, pricing tables, contact forms, etc.) that you can readily implement in your web pages to save a ton of time in the process. And then there are 77+ CSS animations to bolster the interactivity of any site, as well as fully customizable 10+ Pro page templates that you can use to build a stunning site in a matter of minutes.

Fully responsive

All websites that you create using MDB Pro jQuery are fully responsive, which is quite a hard thing to achieve with alternative Material Design frameworks. Thanks to the mobile-centric approach adopted with MDB Pro jQuery, expect all components to fit perfectly no matter what device it is that you use regardless of screen size. And since it’s easier to downscale a site rather than it is to upscale, this approach works wonders. Whether it’s a drag n’ drop menu, a time picker, or a checkbox, you will find everything rendered perfectly with MDB Pro jQuery. And in case you do find a certain component displayed improperly, the fact that everything is customizable means that all it takes is a few tweaks to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Build beautiful sites conveniently and efficiently.

Frequent Updates

MDB Pro jQuery only requires a one-time fee, and you receive everything that it takes to build stunning sites using material UI elements. Which is great news if you hate a subscription-based model. But that leaves a burning question — what about updates. Usually, both Bootstrap and jQuery is updated on a constant basis, which means that such concerns are fully validated. However, don’t be concerned. MDB Pro jQuery is updated monthly, and you get all those updates absolutely free of charge for the foreseeable future. This is a far cry from competing Material Design frameworks based on Bootstrap, which are dreadful in terms of subsequent updates.

Unprecedented Support

The constant stream of updates aside, MDB Pro jQuery also offers unprecedented support whenever you run into issues using the framework. To start off with, you have an active community of like-minded web developers using MDB Pro jQuery — just drop in a query in the MDBootstrap forums, and you should have lots responses in practically no time. But if you don’t like posting on forums, then don’t forget the fact that you also have access to 12 months of premium customer support. Just fire a customer support ticket, and you can have any issues resolved immediately. Peace of mind is paramount when working with UI frameworks, and MDB Pro jQuery provides you with just that.

Go Grab It

Using material UI elements is paramount to creating sites that stand out, especially since the design concept is championed by online giants such as Google and Amazon. But rather than spending inadvertent amounts of time writing code using Bootstrap, using an off-the-shelf solution such as MDB Pro jQuery can be just the solution that you need. Not only does this exciting material UI package by MDBootstrap works wonders when it comes to generating terrific-looking sites, but the time-savings are well worth the money spent. And considering that you just have to pay a one-off fee to receive everything in addition to free monthly updates speak volumes as to the versatility that MDB Pro jQuery brings to the table. Buy it today and start creating stunning Material Design sites today.