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MDB Pro Vue

Material Design is the future of the internet. Oh wait … it already is! You can practically see it’s effect everywhere on the internet. From Nike, Sony, to Amazon, to even browsers such as Google Chrome, you would be hard pressed to find a major site or web app not using this phenomenal-looking design concept. And if you are next in line to work on your project using in Material Design using Bootstrap and Vue, then just cut to the chase and get MDB Pro Vue already. This awesome package by MDBootstrap literally contains hundreds upon hundreds of UI elements, icons, CSS animations, and templates to jump-start your site or PWA. If that interests you, it’s time to drill down and check out what exactly MDB Pro Vue brings to the table. Put on your seat-belts and let’s go!

Simply user interface built with MDB Pro Vue.

Super-easy Set-up Procedure

MDB Pro Vue is built-in from the ground up to be super-easy to set up and use. All you need to have is NPM (Node Package Manager) and the Vetur extension installed. Oh … you will also need a code editor — something like Visual Code Editor would do just fine. All you then have to do is extract MDB Pro Vue, open it in your code editor, and you will see all assets and components contained within the package.

Finally, open the default command line tool on your Windows, macOS, or Linux desktop (yes, MDB Pro Vue supports them all), navigate to the location of the project, and install the dependencies. And of course, it’s then time to get cracking. MDB Pro Vue contains thousands of components, hundreds of UI elements, dozens of CSS animations, and much more. Expect phenomenal results at the end.

Incredibly Responsive

All material UI components, elements, CSS animations, and sections are fully compatible with all modern web browsers. Whether you are targeting your project for end users on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge, expect zero issues when it comes to compatibility. And of course, this applies to the relevant mobile versions of those web browsers as well.

And speaking about mobiles, MDB Pro Vue is also fully responsive. Whether it’s a 50’ monitor or a tiny 4’ mobile screen, all material UI elements in the package will neatly scale up and down accordingly. This is largely facilitated by the mobile-first approach adopted by MDB Pro Vue — it’s easier to scale downward rather than upward, and this negates the awful responsiveness often associated with competing Material Design UI frameworks.

Stay Up-to-Date

Vue.js is increasingly gaining in popularity that it’s considered a ‘rising star’ by the web development community. And rightfully so — it’s designed from the ground up and is quite easy to integrate with other libraries. But it’s relatively new, which means that it has a pretty fast update cycle. Since MDB Pro Vue is not based on a subscription model, and is rather a one-time subscription, this does raise a few eyebrows. For example, will it get obsolete after purchasing?

MDB Pro Vue works perfectly with Visual Studio Code.

However, don’t worry in the slightest. MDBootstrap, the development team behind MDB Pro Vue, is committed to providing updates for the foreseeable future. So whether you buy MDB Pro Vue today and have to forestall your project, you can be rest assured that your purchase will function with the latest versions of both Vue.js and Bootstrap whenever you decide to get back to work later on.

Premium Customer Service

MDB Pro Vue may possibly well be the easiest Bootstrap framework to work with. But that doesn’t mean that you are left unattended in case you run into an issue. With your purchase of MDB Pro Vue, you receive 12 months of comprehensive premium customer support. In case that you have trouble getting any of the material UI components to work properly in your projects, all you have to do is contact MDBootstrap and they will be able to sort that out in an instant.

But what when you eventually run out of customer support? That’s when the MDBootstrap forums come into the picture — there’s an active community of over 800,000 developers with whom you can engage with. Put up a post with whatever issue it is that you are facing, and they should provide you with all the advice that you will ever need.

Go Buy It Today

When building sites and progressive web apps using Material Design, you often need that inner knack if you are to compile the code by yourself. This often requires hours of work and patience to cultivate — hours that could be better spent on the actual design aspects of your projects, which is exactly what MDB Pro Vue manages to let you do.

Whether it’s the plethora of material UI elements readily available at your disposal, the dozens of phenomenal-looking CSS animations that you can use to boost interactivity, or the dozens of sections and themes that let you build sites and web apps in record time, MDB Pro Vue is something any aspiring developer really needs. Go buy it today and start creating stunning sites and web apps in Material Design.