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Super Bundles

Whenever it’s time to develop a stunning website, progressive web app, or mobile app in Material Design, you definitely need to opt for a UI kit. But just any Material Design development kit will not do the trick — you need to consider a number of factors such as ease-of-use, compatibility, responsiveness, and even customer support. MDB Pro is the only Material Design UI kit out there that fits all criteria.

With thousands of pre-built material UI components just ready to be implemented in your projects, MDB Pro comes in three flavors — jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue. While each version has its own unique strengths, you can further bolster that with the various templates and add-ons released by MDBootstrap. However, purchasing them separately can cost a lot.

Thankfully, that’s where Super Bundles come into the picture. A comprehensive package consisting of MDB Pro and all related templates and plugins, a Super Bundles offers insane value for money. There are four versions that you can choose from. Let’s check them out below.

Visualize data easily with MDBootstrap's premium admin templates.

Super Bundle - jQuery

When it comes to building stunning websites in Material Design, MDB Pro jQuery should fit like a glove. In sync with the latest versions of Bootstrap and jQuery, combined with access to a vast library of material UI components, building phenomenal-looking sites become all too easy. And when you opt for the jQuery Super Bundle, things get even better. Alongside MDB Pro jQuery, you also gain access to 7+ premium template packs and 11+ premium plugins, all of which can boost the versatility of the UI kit tremendously.

For example, the MDB Landing Page template contains multiple landing pages built in stunning Material Design, and takes just a few minutes to implement — not only do you save time, but you also get a professionally-crafted end product. And when it comes to plugins, using an add-on such as the Carousel 3D can really enhance the way that you present images on your website, enticing viewers with subtle 3D animations in beautiful Material Design.

Super Bundle - Angular

For those of you looking to build phenomenal single page applications (SPAs), you aren’t going to find a better UI kit out there that exceeds MDB Pro Angular in functionality. Just like with MDB Pro jQuery, it comes with thousands of material UI components, sections, and reusable code snippets. Based on Angular, projects are also easier to manage due to it being based on TypeScript (a JavaScript subset). But rather than going for the standalone version of MDB Pro Angular, you definitely need to consider opting for the Super Bundle instead.

The entire package consists of MDB Pro Angular (the complete UI kit), the entire collection of Angular-based admin templates, and 8+ premium plugins. The Angular admin templates, for example, can really super-charge the back-end of your projects, where you have a dizzying array of dashboards and charts that you can really use to visualize all forms of data in great detail. And when it comes to the plugins, making use of add-ons such as the Bootstrap WYSIWYG can make a huge difference when it comes to unparalleled live text editing.

Filter Plugin - filters items by category.

Super Bundle - React

Live apps have become the norm today. Users like seeing apps updating their user interfaces in real-time. And that’s exactly what MDB Pro React is design for. Based on the phenomenally popular React.js library, you can rapidly go about developing such progressive web apps and mobile apps quickly and efficiently. And to make matters even better, opting for the Super Bundle nets you access to a range of admin templates and 7+ pro plugins in addition to the base UI Kit.

The admin templates have a ton of uses — whether it’s visualizing data in the form of charts, or generating custom reports chock-full of information, you will find them vital to your productivity. Furthermore, plugins such as Bootstrap Sortable can really help you out when it comes to implementing sortable elements such as cards and lists.

Super Bundle - Vue

Using MDB Pro Vue is best suited for instances when you want to create phenomenally beautiful user interfaces and single page applications by integrating your projects with alternative libraries. Based on Vue.js, this phenomenal UI kit is always up-to-date with the latest versions of Vue.js and Bootstrap. But rather than relying on just the UI kit in general, you need to seriously consider opting for a Super Bundle, which will provide you with access to not just MDB Pro Vue, but also to multiple admin templates and 7+ MDBootstrap plugins.

Just like with the Super Bundles for MDB Pro Angular and React, the admin templates included within the package can really go a long way to helping you visualize your data easily — it’s full of advanced dashboards and configuration panels. And the plugins presented (WYSIWYG, Filter, Sortable, etc.) will also go a long way toward bolstering the functionality of MDB Pro Vue to dizzying heights.

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Grabbing a Super Bundle can be the key to having a great experience building top-notch sites, web apps, and mobile apps. The pro templates provided really helps super-charge your experience on the development end, while the plugins included can massively boost the functionality of the base UI kit to unparalleled levels. So, what are you waiting for? for? Pick your Super Bundle today and get started.