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MDB Pro Angular

Take a brief sojourn around the internet, and you will notice one thing — more and more sites are beginning to implement the Material Design concept (initially championed by Google). And there’s little doubt that it’s going to go mainstream pretty much everywhere — considering how terrific material UI elements look in action, that just makes sense. But as a web developer using Bootstrap, you need to spend inadvertent amounts of time having to write all of that CSS and HTML code to build material UI elements from scratch, which is time-consuming. But that’s when MDBootstrap comes into the picture — with its MDB Pro Angular package of UI elements, implementing Material Design in your projects is super-easy. If that piqued your interest, then let’s check out this awesome product in more detail.

Simple and beautiful progressive web app created in MDB Pro Angular.

Super-Easy Installation

MDB Pro Angular is so easy to just pick up and use. So much so that in fact, you can start using it in just a few minutes after purchasing. Once you download the MDB Pro Angular package, unzip the contents, and all you need to do is open it in your favorite code editor and away you go.

Whenever you want to add any of the ton of material UI components bundled into the package, all you need to do is copy and paste the code to the HTML files of your site or PWA project. All components are linked and ready to use, so you really don’t need to go about wasting time just to set things up. Yes — it’s that simple. It doesn’t matter if you are intending to use MDB Pro Angular locally or via a web server — everything works the same way regardless.

Plethora of Premium Components

MDB Pro Angular comes with a plethora of material UI components that’s ready for use right out of the box, not to mention being fully customizable as well. Right of the box, you gain access to roughly 5,000+ components ranging from complex looking navigation bars, multi-select boxes, and sliders to simple implementations such checkboxes and buttons. Amazing stuff.

Also present are 600+ vector-based icons that can be fully scaled to your liking. And then you gain access to 77+ CSS effects that can really ramps up the interactivity of your site with cool-looking animations, gradients, and parallax backgrounds.

MDB Pro Angular even comes bundled in with 50+ Pro sections (blogs, teams, testimonials, etc.) that are just great when time is on the shorter side and you want to cover some major ground quickly. And then there are the Pro page templates, which really work a treat when it comes to rapid site building — you get over 10+ templates that can be readily modified to your liking.

All UI components are seamlessly responsive no matter the screen size.

MDB Premium Snippets

When developing your site, it’s often infeasible to spend inordinate amounts of time writing code from scratch. While MDB Pro Angular does provide you with more than enough components to help you get started, there will be times where you will have to do some serious customizations to make your site stand out from the competition.

That’s where MDB Pro Angular’s premium snippets come into the picture. Whether it’s that fancy hover grid that you’ve been trying to perfect, or that rotating card that you’ve been vying for, simply reuse the code from any of the thousands of reusable premium snippets to make your life a whole lot easier. You can also make use of various plugins and add-ons to further bolster the functionality that MDB Pro Angular brings to the table.

Completely Responsive

All material UI elements in MDB Pro Angular are fully responsive. By taking a unique mobile-first approach, your websites will then scale up rather than down, which makes it easier on the Bootstrap code to do its magic to fit any screen perfectly regardless of size. The framework is also compatible with all major and modern browsers, which includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

This of course means less time spent trying to get your sites compatible with all the various browsers out there. With MDB Pro Angular, you can spend significantly more time actually designing your sites rather than spending absurd amounts of time trying to get the material UI components to work.

Updates and Support

When it comes to web development in general, you are always bound to run into a myriad issues. That also holds true for MDB Pro Angular, no matter how easy it is to actually work with the package. But that’s where both MDBootstrap’s user forums and premium customer support service comes into the picture. Whenever you run into an issue, just post on the forums and you should have friendly like-minded web developers chime with in some advice.

And when you want to take things to the next level, just open up a support ticket with the customer support service, and they should resolve the issue in practically no time. Furthermore, you also receive constant monthly updates, so you always know that your material UI elements are compatible with both Bootstrap and Angular all the time.

Material Design Made Easy

Elements designed with the Material Design concept aren’t easy to implement. There are various aspects that you just have to get right to make your additions look good. MDB Pro Angular, on the other hand, just makes the whole process too easy. With a super-fast setup process, thousands of material UI available at your beck and call, to unprecedented updates and customer support service, this exciting package from MDBootstrap is a must-have if you prefer spending more time designing your sites versus wasting that time trying to drum things up from scratch. Get MDB Pro Angular today and open the doorway to an exciting and fun web development experience.