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Detailed documentation and tutorials to help you through every phase of development

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Always up-to-date with the latest versions of React.js


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MDB Pro React

Developing websites and progressive web apps using Bootstrap can be quite easy. But applying the Material Design concept to the various components that make up a site or web app can be a different story altogether. And even more so if you intend to use React.js in tandem with Bootstrap, which requires you to be quite nimble when writing the code for your material UI elements. But that’s where MDB Pro React comes into the picture.

With literally thousands of beautiful looking Material Design components to choose from, you can readily go about building sites with practically no compatibility issues whatsoever. And best of all, it’s just super-easy and and very convenient to use. Let’s take a peek at what it offers just so that you know if it’s the right thing for you.

Build phenomenal live-updating apps in MDB Pro React.

What’s Included

MDB Pro React comes filled to the brim with all the stuff that you would ever want when it comes to building top-notch continuously updating sites and web apps. Every UI element is designed from the ground up with the Material Design concept in mind.

To start off with, you gain access to over 5,000+ Pro components, which is just mind-blowing — whether it’s something as simple as a check box or a complex element such as a navbar, you are sure to find whatever it is that you are looking for. MDB Pro React also comes with over 600+ icons that you can readily implement anywhere within the site — no more hunting around for that perfect icon to suit the context.

Things get even more interesting from there on out. Often, CSS animations are the hardest to pull off, especially since they require a lot of precise coding — take in Material Design into account, and you’ve just got a recipe for disaster. But not with MDB Pro’s 77+ CSS animations, which lets you add all sorts of exciting and interactive hover effects, shadows, and whatnot in a matter of seconds.

And there are over 50 Pro sections that you can easily use to build large swatches of your site in just a few minutes. Finally, MDB Pro React wraps things up with a library of over a dozen Pro themes that you can deploy and customize to get a site or web app up and running in record time.

Fully Responsive

Whenever you create a site using the material UI elements bundled into MDB Pro React, you can stop stressing out about compatibility issues in general. Right out of the gate, this phenomenal Material Design package comes fully optimized for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera, which is just about every modern browser that there is. And since every element is fully customizable, you can pretty much iron out any weird anomalies very quickly. To make matters even better, they are also fully responsive, which means that you don’t have to spend time inadvertently trying to ‘fit’ your site to every type of mobile and desktop screen out there. Piece of mind is paramount when it comes to web development, and MDB Pro React helps you do just that.

MDB Pro Tutorials

MDB Pro React not only comes with a ton of material UI elements bundled into it, but it’s also super-easy to use. Just unzip the contents of the package, and use just about any code editor to plug in the components to your site’s HTML file.

Apps created with MDB Pro React are highly responsive.

But regardless, you aren’t left in the dark to figure out the hard parts all by yourself. MDB Pro React also comes with detailed documentations and video tutorials that should really help you out even in the most trickiest of situations. Whether you are stuck adding that carousel to a page, or just can’t figure out why that accordion you added didn’t work the way that it was supposed to, you should find these additional resources to be a phenomenal form of education.

Always Up-to-Date

Both React.js and Bootstrap are regularly updated. But what about MDB Pro React? It’s not fun to have all your Material Design code to be redundant in just a few months after you purchased them, right? But don’t worry — your MDB Pro React purchase is continuously updated to match the rapid development cycles of both React.js and Bootstrap. This is just incredible considering that you only ever pay a one-time fee, and not a subscription. Competing Material Design frameworks will often leave you high and dry, so this just goes to show the dedication by the development team behind MDB Pro React. A customer-centric approach is the only way to long-term sustainability, and MDBootstrap seems to already have figured that out in full.

Go Get It

MDB Pro React solves a ton of issues when it comes to building sites and progressive web apps with the Material Design concept in mind. It provides a tons of components, CSS animations, sections, and templates that you can readily start using in next to no time. Couple that with the fact that your sites are fully responsive with all sorts of devices, not to mention being compatible with the majority of web browsers out there, makes this the real deal when it comes to effective web development. And the in-depth tutorials and constant updates are just the icing on the cake. Go get it today and build those stunning Material Design site that you’ve been vying for.