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MDB Pro Vue

Developing site using Bootstrap can be complicated when using a JavaScript library such as Vue.js in place of jQuery or Angular. And especially more so if your intention is to implement Material Design throughout your pages. If you value your time and want to spend that on the actual design aspects, use MDB Pro Vue. With a plethora of pre-built material UI elements that you can readily deploy throughout your project, this exciting Material Design package by MDBootstrap makes web development both fun and engaging. And of course, Material Design is so in vogue throughout the internet that you are going to have an end result that visitors are just going to fall in love with. If that’s interests you, let’s take a closer look at what MDB Pro Vue has for you in more detail.

Craft beautiful Material Design user interfaces in MDB Pro Vue.

Tons of Material UI Elements

MDB Pro Vue literally comes with a ton of material UI components that’s just mind-boggling. Since it would take forever to include a comprehensive list of all that you get in this reviews, let’s distill things down to a few of the best. To start off with, MDB Pro Vue comes with 500+ Basic components and 5,000+ Pro components (yes, you read that correctly). Whatever material UI element it is that you are looking to insert into your project pages, you’d be hard-pressed to not find what it is that you want. And then there are all the SASS, CSS, JS, and HTML files that you’d ever need in your project, which is just fantastic since you won’t have to go around compiling libraries from scratch.

Moving on, you also receive up to 9 Pro plugins, 50+ Premium sections, 22+ Pro modules, and 10 Pro page templates that you can really use to super-charge your project. If you are crunched for time, for example, all you have to really do is use a template and go on a section-adding spree to build vast swathes of your site or PWA in record time. Furthermore, you also gain access to thousands of reusable code snippets that you can readily use to gain tremendous time savings. MDB Pro Vue is really built not just with top-notch site design in mind, but also efficiency, as the inclusions of all these components relay.

Seamless Installation and Set Up

In addition to the plethora of material UI elements that you gain access to, MDB Pro Vue also has another strong aspect that you will absolutely love — an easy setup procedure. After your purchase, all you really have to do is download the package, extract it to the location of your project, and then open it using a code editor (such as Visual Code Editor). And then it’s simply a matter of copying and pasting the code related to any material UI element to the HTML files of your project. Compile them, and you are ready to preview your work in any web browser. Really, it’s as simply as that. All files are fully linked and ready to use, so you don’t have to spend even a second longer than necessary in getting started.

Apps designed with MDB Pro Vue are completely responsive,

Fully Compatible and Responsive

Thanks in large to its mobile-first approach and integrated modules such as Flexbox, all sites that you design using MDB Pro Vue are fully responsive with screens of all sizes. No longer do you need to spend inordinate amounts of time trying to make your project fit to screens of varying sizes, which would be a real nightmare and a huge time-sink. Furthermore, you can also be rest assured that your site will work on whatever browser it is that your core audience is targeted at. Whether it’s Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, or Opera, all material UI elements within MDB Pro Vue should render correctly with minimal issues. And in the rare instance that an element does fail to work, you can easily customize the problematic component with no issues whatsoever.

Unprecedented Customer Support

No matter how easy MDB Pro Vue is built for use, it’s inevitable that you will eventually run into an issue of some kind. But when that happens, you really don’t have to worry. The MDBootstrap forums are filled with like-minded developers who will be more than happy to chime in with a piece of advice should you face difficulties while using MDB Pro Vue in your projects. And even better yet, you also gain a direct line to MDBootstrap. Since you are entitled to 12 months of Premium customer support, you can easily send in a support ticket and have your issue practically solved in the course of a few hours, if not minutes.

Material Design Made Easy

With MDB Pro Vue, building Material Design-themed projects become a completely hassle-free process. Not only do you have ready access to thousands of material UI elements to work with, but the ease with which you can implement them in your projects is just astounding. Combine that with complete compatibility with all major browsers, not to mention seamless responsiveness across all screen sizes, literally make MDB Pro Vue one of the best Material Design web frameworks in the market. If you want to create a terrific looking site without spending absurd amounts of time drumming up code from scratch, then MDB Pro Vue should more than suit you.