Privacy Policy

When it comes to dealing with user data, we here at places immense importance on both preservation and protection. Whenever you visit the domain, located at the URL "," it’s assumed that you accept our policies related to cookie usage and data management. For more details, please read the following statement as described below. Any any all changes made in the future are supposed to be in effect immediately.

Data Collection

Enhancing the user experience of our user base is of paramount importance to us here at As a means to purely facilitate that endeavor, we may engage in data collection. We may use various technologies to accurately determine the usage patterns of visitors — these technologies are commonly used throughout the internet by the majority of sites, and involves IP address identification, tracking cookies, or browser fingerprinting. Additionally, whenever a visitor interacts with this site, resources consumed or activities performed are also tracked for discernible patterns to further aid our data collection efforts.

Since we primarily depend on affiliate sales to finance this site, also relies on the usage of cleverbridge AG cookies, which is a distinguished global payment platform. It is highly recommended that you check cleverbridge AG’s own dedicated policy page for more details as to how this payment platform may process your data.

Furthermore, also relies on cleverbridge AG affiliate cookies, primarily as a means to process purchases faster as well as to monitor the various redirects that we receive from third-party sites. Also, garners detailed usage statistics by employing the services (and hence cookies) from Histats, a dedicated statistics-generation service. We recommend checking out Histats’ own privacy policy page for more details as to how this service processes your data outside this domain.

Cookie Management

There are a myriad ways as to how cookies can be utilized. But primarily, the entire process involves downloading them locally to a device as a means to facilitate web browsers to engage with websites effectively. This is generally the case throughout the internet. Cookies enhance user convenience, and aids you by performing a host of tasks such as remembering logging information, keeping track of shopping carts, etc.

When it comes to, cookies help us keep track of any affiliate commissions that we garner whenever you purchase products from the affiliate links placed throughout the site.

Regardless, we at takes immense pride as to the ethical means that we use to protect and safeguard your data. We make it a core priority to never utilize cookies as a means to collect personal or sensitive data specific to our visitors. And furthermore, we never share or sell, and neither will we in the future, any data garnered through our usage of cookies to third parties.

Browsers and Cookies

Every site functions better on web browsers that has cookies activated. This provides a range of benefits such as faster loading of elements, keeping users logged in, and having preferences saved for subsequent visits (such as remembering the items in a shopping cart). Most web browsers, except certain mobile-centric browsers that focus on privacy, are usually configured to accept and store cookies by default. While this happens automatically in the majority of instances, certain regions however has rules and regulations that require sites to ask for explicit user consent before placing cookies.

If required, you can go about either restricting cookies usage to a certain extent or preventing your browser from utilizing cookies completely. Use the links below to modify the default cookie configurations of web browsers on the most popular platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Remember however that imposing limitations on cookie functionalities on your preferred browser will impact all websites that you come across, and not just

Google Chrome | Apple Safari | Mozilla Firefox | Opera Browser | Internet Explorer | Microsoft Edge

Additionally, considering learning the various advantages and disadvantages associated with cookies in general by visiting dedicated directories such as and These directories have comprehensive details and summaries as to exactly how cookies work, so it’s highly recommended that you learn more about them.

Changes and Modifications

Continued engagement with is assumed as a form of explicit consent to the various policies listed within the statement above. Whenever implements any modifications to the policies listed above, all such modifications are said to be in force immediately, unless it’s explicitly acknowledged that they aren’t.

For any queries in regards to this privacy policy statement, please click here to access the Contact Us form. Alternatively, use the Contact Us link present on any page within this site to get there.