Get all plugins and add-ons by opting for the Super Bundle or Extended Kit packages

Available for all four MDB Pro versions — jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue

Bolster the functionality of your UI kit with a phenomenal array of plugins

Fully up-to-date with the latest versions of MDB Pro

12-months of complementary premium customer support


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Bootstrap Plugins & Addons

MDB Pro is arguably the best Material Design UI kit available for purchase today. Not only does it bring an unprecedented library of components ranging well into the thousands, but it’s also quite intuitive to use. Being able to get started on projects without spending tons of time just to set things up is a major boon for any developer. Furthermore, the various CSS animations, pro sections, SASS files, etc., can really help boost the efficacy of projects to unparalleled heights. But surprisingly, things can be even better. If you’ve already purchased MDB Pro in the jQuery, Angular, React, or Vue flavors, you can bolster the functionality of your UI kit further with the use of plugins.

WYSIWYG is an incredible plugin that lets you perform live edits to rich text.

These plugins offer tons of benefits not just on the back-end of projects, but also on the end products themselves. What would otherwise take lots of time to code by yourself would only take mere seconds to implement. However, purchasing these add-ons separately would cost a lot, which is the reason why you need to opt for either a Super Bundle or an Extended Kit. Not only do they come with all the plugins for your specific version of MDB Pro, but you also get everything, including the base UI kit, at a super-low price. Let’s take a look at what you exactly get when opting for the Super Bundle or Extended Kit for your favorite MDB Pro version.

Plugins & Add-ons - jQuery

MDB Pro jQuery is best used for developing beautiful sites in Material Design, and it supports the largest collection of plugins — 30 add-ons to be exact at the time of writing. However, you receive over 19 plugins for free when purchasing just the base UI kit, so the 11+ plugins that are available for purchase carries the most functionality. They are namely — Sortable, Draggable, Table Editor, File Upload, Full Page Calendar, Vector Map, Filter, 3D Carousel, Screen Scroller, WYSIWYG, and Color Picker.

These plugins provide substantial functionality within MDB Pro. The Color Picker add-on, for example, works best if you plan to build a shopping site. Customers can easily switch between various colors for listed products, which is sure to increase user interaction tenfold. Another plugin that you need to keep an eye out for is 3D Carousel — add this to a site, and you can dazzle visitors with images in a rotating carousel moves either horizontally or vertically.

Plugins & Add-ons - Angular

MDB Pro Angular provides you with the unprecedented ability to create phenomenal single page applications. It’s TypeScript-based nature is just suited for that, and with the array of 16+ plugins, it is a force to be reckoned with. You get over half of that for free, but the remaining 8 plugins present can really help amp things. These plugins are namely File Upload, Full Page Calendar, WYSIWYG, Color Picker, Draggable, Table Editor, Filter, and Sortable.

The 3D Carousel plugin displays images in an exciting and immersive fashion.

With the WYSIWYG add-on, for example, you can easily go about editing rich text in real time on your websites, with an array of formatting options to easily go along with that — changing text color, aligning text, inserting links, etc. And then there’s Draggable, which allows users to drag elements within the viewport of your apps — viewers usually love that and it really helps from an interactivity standpoint.

Plugins & Add-ons - React

MDB Pro React is a phenomenal UI kit for building progressive web apps and mobile apps — specifically, those that update in real time. And with the vast library of plugins — 16 to be exact — you can go about things easily. However, nearly half of those plugins need to be purchased separately, and that’s where the most functionality lies at. The paid plugins consists of File Upload, Full Page Calendar, WYSIWYG, Table Editor, Filter, Sortable, and Color Picker.

When using the File Upload add-on, for example, you can easily incorporate a file uploading system in mere seconds within apps — very useful when designing apps that require users to upload files. And the Filter plugin is a phenomenal addition for any PWA or mobile app with lists of items, where users can then filter out specific items in a jiffy.

Plugins & Add-ons - Vue

MDB Pro Vue should be the go-to UI kit for crafting beautiful user interfaces and single page applications. And with a library of over 9 free plugins, things are made even easier. But it’s those 7+ paid plugins where the real deal lies at. They are basically the same as the ones listed above in the React version, but tailor made for MDB Pro Vue.

Two definite highlights that fit this version well is Sortable and Full Page Calendar. Sortable provides an easier way to work with projects, where you can drag and drop items in whatever order it is that you want in your apps. It’s a real game changer. And the Full Page Calendar offers a neat avenue to organize large projects efficiently, where you can easily create and manage events with the rest of your group complete with Google Calendar integration.

Super Bundle or Extended Kit?

As you saw, plugins such as the Color Picker, Sortable, and 3D Carousel can be a real game changer in your projects. It’s really recommended that you go get them. But then comes the obvious question. What bundle should you go for — the Super Bundle or the Extended Kit? The Super Bundle not only nets you access to all plugins for your MDB Pro version, but it also includes all pro templates. But if the templates isn't your cup of tea, then an Extended Kit is the wiser choice.