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Extended Kits: MDB Pro + Plugins

MDB Pro is one of the most versatile of Material Design UI kits that you can ever get your hand on to, period. But why? Well, it does almost everything right, starting with multiple Bootstrap and JavaScript combos. MDB Pro comes in four different flavors, namely jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue, each of which provide distinct advantages in terms of what exactly it is that you want to get done (we’ll check these out in more detail further below).

Craft crisp, responsive websites and apps in Material Design.

And when it’s time to set up whatever package it is that you’ve finally decided upon, it’s super-easy to do that as well. MDB Pro jQuery, for example, lets you get started in under 5 minutes, which is just fantastic. This is primarily due to the fact that all components included come fully linked to the relevant files right from the outset.

Speaking about components, you are going to be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are thousands of those in all four MDB Pro versions. Professionally-crafted in stunning Material Design, these components will provide immense flexibility when it comes to building deep and engaging sites, progressive web apps, and beautiful mobile apps.

In addition to that, you also receive dozens of incredible-looking CSS animations, pro sections, and reusable code snippets, all of which combined can help you complete projects faster than ever before. Furthermore, all material UI elements are completely responsive with devices in varying screen sizes, not to mention compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Sarari. There’s really no doubt that MDB Pro can help boost efficiency.

But despite all of the advantages listed above, you can always make things even better with the use of plugins. In fact, MDBootstrap has over a dozen plugins released for each MDB Pro version. These plugins have a range of benefits — some lets you increase your efficiency in back-end development processes, while the other serves to bolster the functionality of the end product.

However, all things come at a cost, and purchasing these plugins separately can put a real strain on your wallet. Thankfully, the good folks over at MDBootstrap knows this fact, hence the release of Extended Kits for all four MDB Pro versions. Let’s check out what they contain in more detail next.

Extended Kit (jQuery)

Sites developed in Material Design are just better at retaining visitors and improving user engagement, and that’s why buying the MDB Pro jQuery Extended Kit can come in useful. It lets you get started in just a few minutes, and the massive library of material UI elements, animations, and snippets let you create stunning webpages in next to no time. And with the Extended Kit, you also gain access to 11+ premium plugins such as WYSIWYG, Carousel 3D, Vector map, etc. With WYSIWYG, live text editing in the back-end almost becomes a breeze. On the other hand, Carousel 3D provides an array of ways to display images and other forms of content within your site.

Gain full access to all premium plugins such as the incredible 3D Carousel.

Extended Kit (Angular)

Creating single page applications become almost too easy when you opt for the MDB Pro Angular Extended Kit. Based on Angular (obviously), this UI kit comes with all the documentation that you need to master the various components included within the package, so don’t let the complexity of TypeScript put you down. And with the Extended Kit, you also gain access to a fascinating collection of 8+ plugins — Sortable, Table Editor, Drag & Drop, etc., which not only makes developing SPAs easier, but also makes them more intuitive for users. Drag & Drop, for example, enables the dragging and dropping of elements within applications — users love that.

Extended Kit (React)

Fire up a progressive web app or install a mobile app, and you will notice one common thing — most of them update in real time. And that’s where the user trend is at, and major apps such as Twitter and Facebook are leading from the forefront. And so can you with the MDB Pro React Extended Kit. Based on React.js and featuring hundreds upon hundreds of live components, this UI kit will set you on the correct path like none other. And with the Extended Kit, also expect your share of 7+ premium React plugins (Table Editor, Color Picker, Full Page Calendar, etc.), all of which when combined will help you boost the prowess of MDB Pro React. The Color Picker, for example, is an instant winner on shopping sites — customers can change product colors with a single click.

Extended Kit (Vue)

If your primary goal is to craft beautiful user interfaces and single page applications, but like leaving your projects open for integration with alternate frameworks, then the MDB Pro Vue Extended Kit is a great choice. It’s based on the wildly successful Vue.js library, and with the Extended Kits library of 7+ premium plugins, works better than ever before. For example, use Filter to add filtering capabilities to items and listings in applications and webpages, the Table Editor plugin to create and customize editable tables, use Full Page Calendar to manage and edit events alongside colleagues, and so on.

Material Design on Steroids

By opting for an Extended Kit, not only do you gain access to all premium plugins that MDBootstrap has on offer, but you also get to super-charge your projects and build an even better websites, PWAs, and mobile apps. In other words, they can be the difference between spending an inadvertent amount of time trying to implement certain functionalities (such as a color picker) or simply getting that done with just a couple of clicks. Don’t waste a second — buy your favorite Extended Kit today and get started right now.