Unprecedented library of material UI components and elements

Super-convenient installation and set-up procedure

Up-to-date with the latest versions of Bootstrap and jQuery

In-depth documentation and tutorials to help you get started

Responsive across all desktops, tablets, and smartphone screen sizes


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MDB Pro jQuery

MDB Pro jQuery makes site building with the aesthetically pleasing Material Design concept a breeze. Championed by the likes of Google, creating sites using material UI elements will let your work really stand out from the competition. But rather than having to spend tons of time writing code from scratch in Bootstrap, MDB Pro jQuery provides you with literally thousands of carefully rendered components that you can then simply plug into your websites or progressive web apps. If that piqued your interest, then lets see what exactly MDB Pro jQuery brings to the table, and why it’s worth spending money to get.

MDB Pro jQuery site demo in action.

Tons of Components

As mentioned above, MDB Pro jQuery is just filled to the brim with material UI elements. To start off with, you gain access to a vast library of over 5,000+ stunning components ranging from checkboxes, radio buttons, sliders, text boxes, etc. And of course — that’s not all that you get. Also expect an icon pack consisting of 600+ Material Design icons, which are fully scalable and fits anywhere with no issues whatsoever. And if that wasn’t enough, MDB Pro jQuery comes with 77+ CSS animations that will enhance the interactivity of your site or PWA to dizzying heights. Furthermore, there are 50+ Pro sections and 10+ Pro templates that you can easily deploy to cut down on time otherwise spent inadvertently.

Super-Easy to Use

Unlike competing Material Design frameworks, MDB Pro jQuery is super-easy to work with. In fact, you can have it up and running in around 5 minutes, period. After purchasing, download MDB Pro jQuery, extract it either locally or to a web server, and all you then have to do is open it in a code editor (Visual Studio Code or CodeAnywhere, for example), and then go about copying and pasting the material UI elements provided between the relevant tags in your project’s HTML files. All components are fully linked to the relevant files — zero issues there whatsoever. For example, adding a button, a navbar, or an accordion simply involves picking the relevant code and pasting it where you want the element to appear.

Fully Responsive

There are two approaches when it comes to building responsive websites — desktop-based approach or mobile-based approach. Usually, using a desktop-first approach can yield not-so-satisfactory results on mobile sites — downscaling elements to fit varying mobile screen sites can often go horribly wrong. MDB Pro jQuery, however, places a massive emphasis on a mobile-centric approach, which makes sense since mobile visitors have largely begun to outnumber desktop visitors. Most elements can easily scale out on larger screens, so you should have the best of both worlds. Component flexibility also means that you can also perform quick tweaks to make the provided material UI elements look right on any screen.

Get access to beautiful gradient cards and thousands more.

Cross-browser Compatibility

All material UI elements included within MDB Pro jQuery is fully compatible with nearly all major web browsers in general. Whether your target audience uses Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, expect your sites to render perfectly no matter what browser it is that you use. This is a far cry from most competing Material Design frameworks, where elements most usually work only on Chromium-based web browsers. MDB Pro jQuery is also a major time saver since you can shave off significant amounts of time otherwise spent on manually tweaking your sites to function well across the plethora of web browsers out there.

Frequent Updates

Both Bootstrap and jQuery undergo rapid update cycles. And considering that MDB Pro jQuery only requires a one-time fee, you might be rightfully concerned as to how viable your purchase would be in the long run. But there’s no need to be concerned. MDB Pro jQuery is integrated with the latest versions of Bootstrap and jQuery, so you can readily use all material UI components included within with no issues whatsoever. And to make things even better, you also receive access to premium customer support, which means that you can easily go about resolving any problems that you face without being hindered for extended periods of downtime.

Super-charge Your Sites

As you saw, MDB Pro jQuery offers massive value for your money. Not only does it provide you with access to tons of beautifully rendered material UI components, phenomenal CSS animations, and an array of terrific-looking Pro templates, but it’s also super-easy to work with. Furthermore, MDB Pro jQuery is also fully responsive and works across all major web browsers with practically no issues — you can’t say that for every Material Design UI framework out there. And considering the unlimited number of updates that you receive after purchase really seals the deal when it comes to unprecedented site development. Buy MDB Pro jQuery today and create phenomenal-looking sites that will make your visitors or customers want to comes back over and over again.