Fantastic UI kit helps you easily design user interface and SPAs

Thousands of professionally-crafted components in Material Design

Based on the popular Vue.js open-source JavaScript library

Seamlessly responsive on all browsers and devices

Helps resolve all queries easily with premium support


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MDB Pro Vue

Vue.js is one of the relatively unknown, yet up and coming stars of JavaScript coding. It’s designed from the ground up, and is super-easy to integrate with other libraries, thereby making it a formidable tool to develop stunning user interfaces and progressive web apps. However, things get rather tricky when it comes to incorporating the Material Design concept alongside Bootstrap and Vue.js. Often, you will have to spend an inadvertent amount of time writing the code for all the material UI components and elements that goes into a user interface or web app. If you don’t like to go through all of that trial and error, then you really need to take a look at MDB Pro Vue, which is a comprehensive package of pre-built material UI elements that you can readily incorporate into a site or web app.

Build incredibly responsive web apps with MDB Pro React.

Comprehensive Material Design Framework

MDB Pro Vue is a comprehensive Material Design UI framework, but one where you don’t have to do all of that hard work by yourself. You gain access to an astounding library of over 5,000 pro components, 500 UI elements, 600 icons, 75+ CSS animations, SASS files, pro templates, pro sections, code snippets, and a whole lot more. No matter what type of user interface or progressive web app it is that you are planning to build, you are almost always likely to find that perfect button, checkbox, or carousel to fit the situation. And access to all the pro templates, sections, and reusable code snippets mean that you can complete large portions of your project in just a fraction of the time that it would otherwise normally take. If you want to drastically improve the efficiency of your projects, then MDB Pro Vue offers the perfect means to do that.

Get Started Immediately

After purchasing MDB Pro Vue, you can literally get started in around 5 minutes — yes, it’s that easy. Just install Node Package Manager and the Vetur extension, unzip the contents in MDB Pro Vue, open it in your favorite code editor (CodeAnywhere or Visual Studio Code), and you can get started instantly. Of course, you will have to take a few seconds to install the dependencies using a command line tool, but that’s about it. All material UI components and elements that comes with the MDB Pro Vue are neatly categorized and fully linked, so you don’t have to waste time unnecessarily just to get things set up. Afterward, you can start building stunning Material Design sites and web apps without getting bogged down attempting to write all the code by yourself.

Compatible With All Browsers and Devices

When you opt for MDB Pro Vue, expect all material UI components and UI elements to be fully compatible. Whether the target audience that your project is aimed at uses Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, expect negligible compatibility issues. The highly customizable nature of the package also means that you can immediately iron out any minor issue (should one arise) in next to no time. Furthermore, MDB Pro Vue’s massive library of material UI elements are designed to be fully responsive for all screen sizes. Hence, you can spend less time writing multiple snippets of code for all the types of screens (desktop and mobile) out there. This just goes to show the complete ease of use associated with this phenomenal material UI framework.

Seamlessly compatible with code editors such as Visual Studio Code.

Fast 'Unlimited' Updates

Whenever you purchase MDB Pro Vue, you are automatically eligible for unlimited updates. This is really unprecedented considering that MDB Pro Vue is not available as a subscription, but is rather a one-off purchase. So if you were concerned about your purchase getting obsolete due to the fast update cycle of Vue.js and Bootstrap, then you don’t have to be. Simply put, you can just pick up MDB Pro Vue and use it at anytime and still expect every material UI component and element to be fully compatible with the latest versions of both Vue.js and Bootstrap. Same goes for any of the numerous pro plugins available for purchase alongside MDB Pro Vue.

Incredible Customer Support

MDB Pro Vue comes filled to the brim with detailed documentation and tutorials that explain everything from setting up MDB Pro Vue to using the many components that it provides you with access to. But in the event that you do run into an issue that you simply can’t figure out all by yourself, don’t worry. All MDB Pro Vue purchases are eligible for 12 months of premium support. Contact customer service, and you should be able to resolve your issues immediately. Furthermore, you also gain access to the MDBootstrap forums, where you can ask for advice for any issue from the thriving developer community there.

Well Worth It

With MDB Pro Vue, not only can you work on your projects with more efficiency, but the end results are also terrific in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to the thousands of material UI components and elements available at your disposal, and the ease of use with which you can incorporate them in your projects, building stunning user interfaces and progressive web apps almost becomes too easy. Full compatibility between web browsers, seamless responsiveness among devices, combined with frequent updates make MDB Pro Vue a truly remarkable package. Buy it today and gain access to the best Material Design UI framework that money can buy.