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Costs less than you would otherwise pay normally

Choose your favorite flavor — jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue

Supports all major platforms — Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Super Bundles

MDBootstrap’s MDB Pro UI kits offer some of the best Material Design experiences that money can buy, period. With four different flavors on offer (jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue), you have immense flexibility when it comes to deciding upon a purchasing. All material UI kits come with thousands of material UI components that you can readily implement in your projects. That, combined with the plethora of reusable code snippets, mean that building sites become even easier.

However, things can be even better. But how? Well, MDBootstrap also releases multiple complementary templates and plugins for each MDB Pro version, most of which aids to really boost not jut the efficiency of your projects, but also the interactivity and efficacy of the end product. But there’s a catch. Purchasing these items separately alongside your favorite MDB Pro UI kit can really rack up the bill, which in most cases is really not feasible from a cost standpoint. But that’s when Super Bundles come into the picture.

So what is a Super Bundle? In short, a Super Bundle has everything that you would ever need to develop stunning websites, progressive web apps, and mobile apps. Available in all four MDB Pro flavors, they also cost significantly less compared to purchasing what’s included in standalone form. Let’s dive right in and check out what these awesome Super Bundles for each MDB Pro version brings to the table. There’s no doubt that you will be pulling out your wallet at the end!

Admin Templates - Makes data visualization incredibly convenient.

MDB Pro jQuery Super Bundle

Whether you are planning to build a complete website or just a mini-blog, crafting it in Material Design yields the best results. Not only do material UI elements look phenomenal in action, but they also make your visitors stick around for longer. But rather than taking the long approach by writing the code for each component all by yourself, it’s best to opt for MDB Pro jQuery. With a library of over 5,000+ material UI components, you can build stunning sites in practically no time.

But what makes it even better is the jQuery Super Bundle. It not only packs in the entire MDB Pro jQuery UI kit, but you also gain access to over half-a-dozen template packs and over 10 plugins, all of which can boost the functionality of the UI kit rather tremendously. Use a template such as Magazine Template Pro to craft awesome magazine-style websites in a jiffy. Or use a plugin such as Full Screen Scroller to add both vertical and horizontal scrolling support to pages. It’s that simple.

MDB Pro Angular Super Bundle

MDB Pro Angular is best purchased when you want to build stunning single-page applications. Due to its TypeScript-based nature, it’s also easy to manage the more complex a project gets. And with the vast library of material UI elements available at your fingertips, your projects become almost too easy. But by opting for the Angular Super Bundle, you can make things even easier.

When you buy the Angular Super Bundle, you gain ready access to not just MDB Pro Angular, but also to multiple admin templates and plugins. Whenever you want to process huge chunks of data, these admin templates can aid you tremendously with a dizzying array of visualization formats. On the other hand, plugins such as Sortable lets you develop SPAs with even more flexibility.

3D Carousel Plugin - Displays images in various rotating angles.

MDB Pro React Super Bundle

React.js is getting immensely popular, and for good reason. It’s the best out there when it comes to creating stunning web apps and mobile apps that update user interfaces in real time. And MDB Pro React is based on this phenomenal JavaScript framework, letting you build your favorites PWAs and apps in Material Design, complete with seamless compatibility and responsiveness across browsers and devices.

But to make things even better, you definitely need to consider going for the React Super Bundle. Just like with the Angular Super bundle, you receive the entire UI kit, complete with all the admin templates and plugins that MDBootstrap has released to date. Data visualization and efficiency is made super-easy thanks to this phenomenal package.

MDB Pro Vue Super Bundle

At times, you need to create user interfaces and single page applications that can be easily integrated with the various alternative libraries out there. Vue.js is the clear winner in that department, and with MDB Pro Vue, you can do that even better with Material Design to boot. But to really make the most out of your experience, you absolutely must opt for the Vue Super Bundle.

Purchase the Vue Super Bundle, and you get an array of admin templates and plugins in addition to the MDB Pro Vue UI kit. The admin templates, for example, come with a countless number of charts and other visualization components, making it easier to digest vast swathes of data. And with plugins such as Sortable, Filter, and WYSIWYG, crafting complex projects get even easier.

Super Value for Money

Opting for the jQuery, Angular, React, or Vue Super Bundles is the wisest choice for any aspiring developer. Not only do you save a ton of money in the process, but the plethora of templates and plugins included within these Super Bundles make developing those awesome Material Design websites, PWAs, and mobile apps even easier. So, go pick your favorite Super Bundle and get started right away.