Terms of Service

Statement of Terms of Service

We thank you for dropping by at MDBootstrapDiscount.com. Please take a moment to go the terms of service carefully as laid out below. Kindly note that MDBootstrapDiscount.com considers the continued use of this site as explicit acknowledgement that you agree to be subject to all the terms listed in this statement. Any changes or alterations made, in any matter or form, to these terms, is considered to be in effect immediately. Go through the MDBootstrapDiscount.com Terms of Service on a regular basis to ensure that you are aware of all such changes. Furthermore, we reserve the right to make such changes with no prior notifications or warnings whatsoever.

Limitations to Our Liability

In no event is MDBootstrapDiscount.com liable for,

(i) any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages (financial or otherwise) arising through the use of the various products (or services) listed within this site, even in the event that MDBootstrapDiscount.com or its affiliates have been advised in regards to the possibility of such damages.

(ii) any claim attributable to inaccuracies through errors or omissions in the service and/or the materials and information provided through this site. Certain states may not allow exclusions or limitations of liability for consequential or incidental damages, so such limitations may or may not apply to you. If you reside in such a state, the liability that MDBootstrapDiscount.com is supposed to bear is limited to the greatest extent as permitted by law.

Copyright Protection and User Privacy

MDBootstrapDiscount.com actively prohibits the alterations of any materials (text, images, and videos) accessible throughout this site for commercial purposes. All materials listed within this site are the properties of their respectful owners. However, we allow materials that explicitly fall under the creative-commons license to be downloaded and used for all purposes, be it commercial or non-commercial.

In our incessant attempts to improve user experiences (to expedite purchases, for example), MDBootstrapDiscount.com employs the use of browser cookies. We may employ various techniques (IP address identification, browser fingerprinting, etc.) to monitor for usage patterns as a means to improve our services. Any data obtained is subjected to both ethical and regulatory guidelines. MDBootstrapDiscount.com will never, nor will it in the future, share such data with either commercial or non-commercial entities.

Using Our Products and Services

MDBootstrapDiscount.com explicitly prohibits you from using the products (or services) listed within this site to reverse engineer, brute-force, hack, or otherwise perform any unlawful means to access confidential information of any kind. If we take notice of any such violations, MDBootstrapDiscount.com will, in accordance with ethical and regulatory guidelines, assist the relevant authorities with all necessary means to resolve the legal aspects of such violations. We may also perform our own investigations into matters that violate our terms of service.

Payment Processing for Products and Services

MDBootstrapDiscount.com implements a third-party checkout system that you will be automatically redirected to, upon explicitly confirming that you want to purchase a product (or service). Kindly note that payments made on third-party sites will not be subjected to the terms listed in this document. We recommend reviewing the terms of service of the redirected third-parties for information pertaining to user privacy. Kindly note that MDBootstrapDiscount.com may facilitate direct payments for products (or services) within this site itself, should the circumstances warrant it.

Accessing Products and Services

MDBootstrapDiscount.com may, at times, list products (or services) that you can access without making a payment. Such ‘free’ products are usually part of promotions, and may require billing information to be submitted (particularly in cases of free trials) before accessing them. Access to such products are delivered on-site or to the email address provided to us during registration. In the case of the latter, you will be given specific instructions on how to go about accessing your product (or service).

Delivery of products (or services) that incur fees require a valid email address, which is usually what’s provided to us during registration. Alternatively, you may provide your email address to the checkout system when making purchases on third-party vendors, upon which the purchase will be sent to the same email address. Kindly note that the medium of payment used in the purchase must clear the verification systems in place for successful product (or service) delivery.

In References to Ownership Claims

MDBootstrapDiscount.com explicitly prohibits unlawful ownership claims on the materials, products, or services listed within this domain. Under copyright law, they belong to their rightful owners. Each product is provided “as is” without warranty, and in no event shall MDBootstrapDiscount.com, nor its owners and employees, be held liable for any damages incurred through their continued use, which includes but isn’t limited to, direct, indirect, special, exemplary, or punitive damages.

Regarding Our Usage of Affiliate Links

MDBootstrapDiscount.com’s primary source of revenue lies with the use of affiliate links, which help keep this site functional. Additionally, partner sites and third-party vendors may supplement us with commissions for listing their products within this site.

Regardless, MDBootstrapDiscount.com does not, in any way, shape or form, make representations about the validity, accuracy, or forms of content that you are subjected to after clicking on any affiliate link.

Upon accessing any non-MDBootstrapDiscount.com site, kindly note that the various products or services provided, neither the activities conducted by such sites, are performed completely independently. MDBootstrapDiscount.com bears no responsibility in any way, shape, or form.